The Exhibition

An inspired art exhibition that speaks from the heart.
35 Israeli women from all cultural and religious backgrounds:
Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Circassian, through their love of art have created an environment of tolerance, friendship and sharing.
These paintings allow them to express their depth of thought and feeling.
The same subject, yet every one unique according to the life experience of each artist, and the very special relationships developed as a result of this extraordinary art class.

Women and their Olive Trees made its debut at the first stage of a European tour in October 2014.


The Art Teacher

SHEILA DVORE CASDI, Teacher and Curator

The Place

Afula, a diverse multicultural town in northern Israel, has received successive waves of immigration throughout time. Afula now houses a population of 45,000 representing all religions, inhabiting a neighbourhood comprising three tiered terraces.

DAVID MOATTY, Director of the Centre in Afula

The WIZO Centre

The WIZO community centre at Afula is situated in an economically disadvantaged neighbourhood and provides services to all communities. The director Dudu Moatty very much believes in reaching out and creating programmes to address the needs of the community. In this spirit and under his guidance the Olive Tree project came to fruition.

The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree has been traced back to Mesopotamia, Syria and Israel, 6000 years BC.
According to Judaism the olive tree and its oil is a symbol of justice and mercy
According to the gospels and Christianity the olive tree is a symbol of sacrifice and love
According to the Quaran and Islam: ‘the olive tree is the central tree, the world’s axis, the symbol of universal humanity’…..

The Olive Tree Project on i24news

Please click here to see the video
starting at 8:05 minutes

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